Puravida CAST

Traditional on Spotify since dez21, the Puravida's podcast about health and nutrition is now available on YouTube, and we prepared a new key visual for this launch.


Hugo Zuffo

Introducing Puravida CAST: Your Ultimate Health and Nutrition Podcast! 🎧🥗

Discover Puravida CAST, the go-to podcast for valuable insights on health and nutrition. Available on Spotify since December 2021 and now on YouTube, this trusted resource provides expert advice and practical tips to help you lead a healthier life. Join our community and ignite your passion for wellness with Puravida CAST!

Puravida CAST made its debut on Spotify in December 2021, offering a wealth of valuable insights into the world of healthy living and nutrition. As of April 2023, the podcast expanded its reach by launching on YouTube, now accompanied by engaging video content. This momentous release served as the ideal opportunity to embark on a comprehensive visual revamp, including a fresh logo and a captivating new design. Embracing the health podcast market, our YouTube channel showcases stunning thumbnails that set Puravida CAST apart from other content, ensuring a unique and captivating viewing experience.