With over 8 years of experience as a designer, I have navigated efficiently between the online and offline realms. I believe in the power of strategically aligned communication, capturing the essence of a brand and understanding its narrative, energy, and personality within its environment. Throughout my career, I have been involved in various projects focused on visually conveying impactful messages.

I take pride in my contributions to the development of nationally recognized packaging and the creation of brands for companies, products, and corporate events. Additionally, I have played a fundamental role in generating leads through events and digital launches, and I have been part of the launch of a streaming service that promotes health through knowledge.

My unique ability lies in transforming abstract ideas and concepts into effective messages, reaching the target audience with precision. I consistently seek to enhance my professional skills through a variety of courses, ensuring that I stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

As a creative professional, my primary focus is always on delivering results. My objective is to transform complex ideas into simple and impactful messages that align perfectly with each brand's positioning.



Managing over 2,000 packaging items from the Deca and Hydra brand portfolios, ranging from small products in the competitive sector to luxury market items weighing over 70kg. In the development of packaging, I act as a liaison between the R&D Engineering, Product Marketing, Supply Chain, Quality Control, Assembly Line, Strategic Design, Strategic Projects, as well as all graphic suppliers. To achieve the best results in the packaging functions (housing, protecting, and communicating the product), I seek solutions both in the market and internally to launch new products successfully.

I am responsible for creating a flowchart mapping out all stages, stakeholders, and responsibilities of each department for the development of packaging, from the briefing stage to its availability in stock.

oct 2023 – today

São Paulo – SP


Skills: Digital illustration; Social media marketing; Digital releases.

With experience in social media and digital launches, I have helped successfully drive the monthly digital launches of the Puravida PRIME infoproduct, achieving an average of 9k monthly leads and a record of 62k leads in our largest launch. I am responsible for the strategic design of campaigns, utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Ads, and Google Performance. I participated in an internal project to adapt to the new labeling rules of ANVISA, updating the packaging design for the entire Puravida portfolio. Additionally, I play a key role in the weekly promotion of the PuravidaCAST podcast and in creating e-books for the Puravida PRIME streaming platform, with a focus on promoting health and a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about driving brand growth and engaging the target audience.


Skills: Event Marketing · Event Design · Brand Design · Commercial Product Photography ·
Graphic Design · Image Editing · Packaging Design

With experience in visual identity creation, I have developed over 15 packaging designs for kits and have been responsible for all printed communication materials. I created the "Novas Opções do Programa de Fidelidade" brand and produced the 9 packaging designs for this subscription program.

I have also ensured the proper application of the doTERRA brand across various media channels, including catalogs, books, handbooks, and corporate events. I have handled the photography and editing for all national product launches. Additionally, I have created visual identities and customized products for corporate events, overseeing the entire manufacturing process.

mar 2022 – oct 2023

São Paulo – SP

jan 2021 – mar 2022

São Paulo –SP


Skills: Magazine Layout; Print Design; Graphic Design; Illustration; Image Editing.

As the person in charge of layout and illustration for print materials, I have extensive experience in editing and handling images of varying complexity levels. I have been involved from start to finish in the creation of exams and simulations administered nationwide through systems such as COC, Dom Bosco, NAME, and others.

apr 2015 – oct 2020

Ribeirão Preto - SP


Packaging Design

Completed in 2021
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing

Bachelor in Graphic Design

Completed in 2019
Faculdade de Administração e Artes de Limeira